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We are present in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid and Barcelona.

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Transport Service of Excellence

The resources available at TMB allow us to transport all types of goods in the best safety conditions, properly packaged in volumes, pallets and others.

As transport specialists, we have a wide range of services, all of which are based on the same principles of rigour, information and control, especially of the times when the cargo has to be collected/delivered.

Our Services

Full Cargo
We focus on high quality service and responsiveness.

Served with a wide variety of resources.
Extensive distribution network in Portugal and Spain, both mainland and islands.

Focus on heavy load distribution services (especially pallets), with the same principles as Full Load, i.e. centred on customer needs and with high quality and high levels of service.
Within the principle of customer orientation.

We have a Dedicated Services Unit, where the entire service is set up based on the client's needs, whether they be processes, equipment, information, security, etc.
Our warehouses support your warehousing needs.

The warehouses are equipped with racks, but we also have spaces prepared for "American stack" storage.

These and other requirements apply to all types of goods. Our daily experience includes the transport of goods from:


Long vehicles

Medium vehicles

Small vehicles

Dedicated loads


Innovation in Transport

Transportes Magalhães & Bruno, Lda.